Meet the Author

What if, on a particular day in the future, you could send an email that would change your past? What would you change? How many lifetimes would it take for your life to be perfect?

Diana spent her life married to her college sweetheart - a dreamer who believed that such a day was coming. She gave up her musical and theatrical aspirations to bear his three sons. Now, at last, the day Joe said was coming has arrived.

Should she hit send?

A native Arizonan, Susan Wells Bennett has been writing short stories and poetry since she was a teenager. In the last decade, she has applied her talents to writing serious and seriocomic novels. With more than ten books to her name, she has gained fans around the world with her believable characters and intriguing plots.

Besides writing, Susan also enjoys reading and traveling. She lives in the desert with her husband, Dan, and their three dogs. If you have read one of her books and enjoyed it, please send her a note to let her know! She would love to hear from you.

Just One Note

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